Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bird buns

In honor of the feast of the 40 martyrs of Sebaste, my neighbors invited me over to make little buns shaped like larks, or zhavoronki.  The dough was so fragrant--with hints of vanilla and citrus.  I wish I had gotten the recipe!  Marfa posted hers here.
To shape them into birds, we first rolled out a rope of dough, which we tied in a knot.  One end became the head and one the tail.  Some people insert cloves or raisins for eyes, but we kept ours simple.


Marfa said...

They're so cute. It's been so warm and humid here...our dough was just a tad bit too sticky to tie into a knot. Thanks for the link to my blog! ♥
A friend of mine from church actually said your sister Emily blogged about making those birds last year and it inspired her to make a batch! This was my first year ever making them!!!

Michaela said...

Those are so adorable and sound delicious!

Can I commandeer these from your celebrations to mine? I love holiday-specific foods.

willfulmina said...

Of course!