Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14

Yesterday, we all broke out our woolies again.  Not only did Lucy wear her pickled beets cardigan and her mended tunic and leggings, but she also had on some hand knit tube socks.
Today she donned another handspun dress for our trip to the Farmer's museum.
Sebastian has worn his Davies Mashup sweater for the past two days.  
My few pairs of handknit socks and my handspun owls cardigan have really come in handy. I need to get a picture of it before it heats up around here again.  
When I first signed on for this, I imagined that my knitted pieces would not get much screen time.  Me Made May is definitely geared towards those who sew.     In fact, Karen Templer recently proposed a Slow Fashion October to showcase knitwear a bit more. I definitely am looking forward to participating in it, in addition to Woolvember.  Suddenly the calendar is filling up!  It's comforting to remember that we never go long here without reaching for a sweater.   


MamaBirdEmma said...

I need to hug your children RIGHT NOW!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Also, I just realized that you have never, ever (in the nine years you have been blogging) written more in a month than you have this May.

elizabeth said...

I do love your blog posts!!! Your littles are so cute!!! I need to see them too!!! come visit us all?? :) ps: I need to send you an email... :)