Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20

Though just yesterday I was lamenting our lack of short sleeves, in typical Jordanville fashion, today is another wool day.  In the morning, I assumed it would eventually warm up, but by noon we could still see our breath, so we piled on a few more layers.
Lucy's bedraggled sweater lived to see another day.
I put off changing out of these polka dotted pajama pants for as long as possible.
When I finally shed them, my handspun sweater and a thrifted woolen Pendleton skirt made the parting easier to bear.  When I found it, this skirt was a size or two too small, but for under $10 I just couldn't pass it up.  I took the waistband off and expanded it by taking out the stitching holding down one or two of the pleats.  They opened up and gave me just enough wiggle room.  Then I hand sewed ribbon over the top to finish it nicely.  I've done this little surgery on several Pendleton skirts.  I wear them nearly every day in the winter.
Speaking of which, Peter's been living in his vest, and Sebastian's leggings and bib were made slightly more interesting by the addition of some adocado, as Lucy would call it.

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