Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9

Another day of repeats, with one notable exception:
At last, Sebastian has something other than a bib to share!
I woke up and immediately set to work making these shorts while listening to my beloved A Room with a View audiobook.  I cut them out of a large scrap of corduroy I have had in my stash for years, which I purchased at Mood.  By the afternoon, I popped Sebastian in them.  They're wonky, but wearable.
We took a quick trip to town today and I had a chance to run into the local Goodwill.  It is usually slim pickings there, especially as far as kids' clothing goes.  But I found some fantastic plaid shirts in the men's section.  They've already been cut up and will become three cheerful pairs of shorts before too long.
 I can't express how satisfying it is to scrounge around and make do like this.  I've been browsing some truly gorgeous fabrics online lately that inspired me to start this project.  They would have been worth the money and a joy to work with, no doubt.  And yet...
 There is something in my DNA, probably from my Grandma Judy, that makes me want to find another way.  Taking these $2 castoff shirts and turning them into something useful is so gratifying.  It also helps that the salvaged fabric is so interesting.
 And in this case, shopping at a brick and mortar shop made more sense, since these shorts will be assembled faster than even Amazon could manage to get a package to me.  I fully intend to indulge in some yardage at some point.  But for now, I'm gonna pop some tags. 


MamaBirdEmma said...

I love plaid shorts on little boys!

elizabeth said...

how fun! those cords are so cute on him! and yay for salvaged fabric!!! LOVE!