Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7

Another sick day, I'm afraid.  Lucy's handspun sweater kept her toasty in the early morning.  I'm grateful she got to wear it one last time, especially when she wasn't feeling well.  When she shed it, I made a mental note to wash it and put it away for Sebastian to grow into.
He's got yet another white bib to show you today.  What an exciting life we lead....Thanks to pinterest, I now want to make him some plaid shorts and a few bucket hats for this summer.
I wore my black spiral skirt again today, but by the time I'd thought to take pictures, I was already in pajamas, bicycles this time.  Infinitely more interesting than a certain person's bibs, I daresay.


elizabeth said...

I do love these pictures; your two darlings are just that, darling!! hope L. feels better soon and everyone is in full health!

Martha said...

Really nice that you made your daughter's sweater in neutral colors so that your son can wear it next! I ♥ your bicycle pjs...where did you get the fabric? Christ is Risen!