Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2

I made this maxi skirt shortly after Lucy was born.  The Alabama Chanin patterns can be made either with one layer of cotton jersey or two.  It seemed wasteful to use up so much fabric on just one skirt, so I whipped up a grey one and a black one, and wore them constantly.  Since then, I've realized how clingy just one layer of jersey can be, and I've grown to appreciate the substantial feel of two-layered garments.  These skirts languished--until last night at my handwork group.  I removed the grosgrain ribbon elastic from both waistbands, basted the two skirts together at the waist, and stitched a single piece of the ribbon elastic over both tops, essentially making this a fully reversible skirt.  Expect to see the black side one of these days....
Today Lucy is sporting a hand-me-down dress she and her cousin wore to death, until a few holes appeared in the jersey.  I cut out a generous circle from a thrifted shirt, chosen expressly for this hard-to-define pink that looks so great on my girl.  A little freehand embroidery later, we have a dress that has been improved by the hard love it has had to endure.
  I made matching leggings from the sleeves of a thrifted thermal tee.  This tutorial also led to Sebastian's pants, which used to be his Auntie Anna's sweater.  I have a feeling I'll be whipping up dozens of these over the years.
 Sebastian is also wearing a bib in adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar flannel I found at our local quilt shop.  It has held up better than any flannel I have ever used, which usually looks like someone chewed on it after the first wash.  I plan to obtain more when I have a clear plan for what it should become.


MamaBirdEmma said...

Oh my gosh your kidlets are cute! Love everything that you've made and mended... especially that beloved navy dress!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I ♡ your new banner!

elizabeth said...

Oh I love your new banner too - did I mention this???

that pink free hand flower is just lovely! :)

and you look really great in that long maxi skirt! very flattering! :))))))