Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22

We had the most beautiful day, spending hours outside. Lucy got positively filthy. It was absolutely worth it.  All of us wore various sweaters, though they came off and then were snatched back up throughout the day.  It's days like this that make me realize how essential my knitting is to our general happiness. In the winter, we stay inside so much more. But when the wind picked up on this sunshiny day, Lucy ran up to me at the playground bellowing, "I so cold, Mama!!!" I popped on her pickled beets cardigan and a fleece and she didn't complain again, even after getting soaked in the river.  And Sebastian's ears stayed warm with the help of the hat my sister made him.  I haven't been knitting much lately, mainly because I'm so obsessed with sewing and spinning right now, but after a day like this I'm so inspired to pick up my needles in earnest again.  Cheers!

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elizabeth said...

loved this post and the one before it!!! so lovely! and so neat about fixing the skirts to fit!! well done!