Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19

We all need more short sleeves in this house.  The past few days have been hot, though storms keep blowing in and cooling everything off.  
This morning I dug out this old shirt of mine from the scrap heap and found this tutorial to make Lucy a nightshirt.
She was wearing it by lunchtime.  It can pass as a dress, but I don't plan on making more of them.  I'd rather start from scratch, since running the elastic through the  hems was so fiddly and the result isn't a great fit.  Still, it will get the job done.
Sebastian and I wore our old standbys.  Bib and shorts for him, Alabama skirt for me.  Our turn will come, buddy.

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elizabeth said...

so S's expression with that dandelion is just, what's the right word, not just precious but so expressive! LOVE...

well done on L's outfit/shirt, it's super cute.