Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8

Thankfully, Lucy is finally on the mend.  That's some classic Me Made May sickroom humor right there.
This is the only handmade item from today that you haven't heard about yet.  I cut down an old shirt of mine for Lucy and sewed it up by hand with Alabama Chanin techniques.  No pattern--I just used a  little tunic of hers that I liked the look of.  The extra length has guaranteed she has gotten a ton of use out of it.  I also made a pair of ill-fitting shorts that used to go with it, thinking it would make a good summer pajama set.  These leggings from Thredup look so much better.
While assembling it, I lost one of the sleeves and had to do a little creative piecing out of scraps.  I'd love to make more of these for both kids, if I can find some good secondhand shirts.  Cross your fingers!


elizabeth said...

how neat!!! and what a GREAT idea! :) glad L. is on the mend! <3

Michaela said...

I want that whole look. The hair, the shirt, the pants. She looks so comfy and cool at the same time. Basically I now want to be that age again :)