Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yarn Along: Actual Yarn

After finishing up my L'Arbre hat last week, I put my knitting aside and got out my spinning wheel.
 It's been far too long since I sat down for a spin.
At first it was rough going, but everything started to come back.
 Once plied, the inconsistencies were not as obvious.
 This pound of wool/mohair blend is from Rhinebeck a couple of years ago.
 I'm already trying to dream up what it should become.
 As for Me Made May, we are having a cozy day here.  Lucy came down with something, so she's snuggled in the quilt I made her before she was born.  We are reading all of our favorites.
 I'm wearing my favorite pajama pants, which make the rough night we had more bearable.
 And Sebastian is rocking his pants from yesterday like a champ.  If we can manage to wear handmade under these circumstances, we've got this challenge in the bag.
***edited to add: we eventually got dressed in repeats, and suddenly we all felt better.***


momto5 said...

that yarn is so lovely.

Alisa Schenck said...

beautiful handspun! Hope your little one feels better soon!

Wendy said...

That handspun is awesome! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Donna said...

Your yarn came out lovely. That's the great thing about hand spun - the inconsistency. I can't wait to see what it grows up to be!

Lucy Bowen said...

Love the spinning and love the pj's!

akacapa said...

Ok, absolutely LOVE your pj's!

Elizabeth said...

Everything looks beautiful, you are so talented! I hope you all get some sleep and have a better day tomorrow.

elizabeth said...

you make such beautiful things!!

so sorry for the rough night, that is so tiring.

love the pictures, love your newly spun yarn, that Hat is JUST WONDERFUL!!

ps: sent you an email on how to make the Yarn Along button work ... :))))

Sarah said...

I love everything about this post except that your wee one is sick! Everything else though, is lovely; your spinning, and I have recently developed a great love for matryoshka dolls so I love your pants! Hope you are all healthy soon, we have been battling illness in our house for a couple weeks now and finally all swinging back to being well again.

Beth Coleman said...

Lovely handspun. Poor Lucy, I hope she feels better soon.

Amber said...

Love those matroyshka pj's! Your handspun looks awesome!